Quick Guide for Marriage Counseling!

I want to talk about today the fact that many marriage counselors do not have a website. I’ve been trying to figure out why somebody’s marriage counselors don’t have websites, but now it’s kind of clear to me once I learned more about the marriage counseling and how you acquire clients. So basically here’s how it goes….

When your marriage counselor there’s really not that many ways to get clients as opposed to other businesses. The reason being is because the target market is so small. You one have to find people who are going through troubled relationship. This is just awesome. And two, of those people you have to find  which ones are going to be willing to actually come. So really it’s difficult.

This is why many people make it a necessity to appear for the Google searches that people are doing.

One of the services is pure greatness that a lot of people like. The reason being is that the more Google searches that you able to appear for, the more chance you have of getting the client. So many of the marriage counselors don’t have websites because they don’t have that many clients are making that much money. At couples-national it’s super interesting for this. But the ones that do have websites, are one that I’ve been successful and have gone clients. Most people don’t end up getting clients from marriage counseling because it is so difficult and there are not that many people looking for it.

For example, there are about 100 people on psychology today in the Tulsa area where there are only about 500 searches a month in regards to marriage counseling Tulsa. Learn more at yelp. This means that even if all of them decided to get counseling which is far from the truth only people would get five clients a month. Here’s the website.  Really there’s only about 25-50 people each month that are deciding which way to go. It is a big deal so that is why you need your own website to be able to convert these people.